One Two Three

LI LB 2016 0610.jpg

I’m sitting here with two of my favorite people in the world.  They’re favorites because they talk to me about the topics I love the most:  business, the business of helping people and figuring out how to make those businesses into businesses.

Yes, they are business geeks.

And, like true business geeks, they have given me an assignment even though it’s midnight (almost) on Saturday night.

I’m supposed to write what’s still bugging me, three things.  And what was good about today, three things.

So I’ll start with the good:

(1) I cut my hair today after weeks of obsessing about the need to cut my hair. Yes, I cut my own hair. And finally, today, I just did it. It’s not that good, but who cares since it’s summer and my hair will rarely be down.  I just know it feels good to be done with it and to not have to think about it again for a while. I should also say it feels so light. And so short. And so sexy.  Which is proof that we can still feel all the things we felt as kids…even when we’re ancient.

(side note: the dog wants us to get back to talking)

(2) I biked today with Bella, the dog. It was hot and humid and I love it when it’s hot and humid.  It was a good start to summer biking. I thought about waking up early and biking every morning with Bella.  There’s a route nearby where I can get in two miles of a really tough hill.  But we’ll see. Not sure I can wake up early to bike without having to be somewhere.

(3) Wine. We had wine and it was good. I love wine.

And now for the ugh….

(1) I was hoping my friends would give me the short answer to hard questions. But they only gave me insight.  I love their insight but they’re making me think more.  And, well, ugh.

(2) I was hoping to get the carpet cleaned but I ran out of steam, no pun intended. I can do the carpets this week.

(3) I can’t think of a third, but that’s probably because we drank wine.

Be where you are.

“Bugs and joys” ….

xoxo, d


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