Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

LI LB 2016 0614

Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
~James Baldwin~

UGHS AND JOYS, in which we journal our one-to-three highs and one-to-three lows of the day, more or less.

Okay, let’s get the UGHS out of the way…..

DC has a closed primary and I’m registered independent. I’ve struggled with the ‘register so you can vote’ argument….but I struggle more with identifying with a party.

I won’t figure this one out anytime soon.  But I also doubt I’ll be living in DC by the time the election for Hillary’s second term rolls around.

That wasn’t a prediction. It was rejection of the alternative.

A client paid with an electronic check and it’s completely cumbersome.

But then again, a client paid, so that’s good.

My neighbor’s oldest child graduated today from high school. And he voted.

It’s so confusing watching time pass by. 

I want my time to stop.

Same as above. My neighbor’s oldest graduated today and voted.

He was glowing. He was proud. He was free. He was energized in a quiet, calm, confident way.

My neighbors raised good boys.

They are walking examples of hope.

Good food day! I replenished the supply of Fruttare.


And had a really good steak salad that I’ll probably make now every day for the rest of the summer because it’s an easy guaranteed happy culinary ending.

Whew. One less decision to make each day.


I got new earbuds!

I’ve lost two to my niece, who always steals mine. And one to her dog who chews on them when he’s bored.

I bought the cheap ones that sound goooooooood……LOVE new earbuds!


On a different note, Non-Ugh, Non-Joy, Just-Dogs….

Today’s strips were all about dogs.

My dog’s been on my mind lately.

Now that I work at home, she’s Even More Spoiled.

I didn’t think it was possible.

LI RAC 2016 0614
LI RAL 2016 0614

May your ughs be not-so-bad and your joys be not-too-complicated.

xoxo, d

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