How flexible are you in the kitchen?

Most of the time the inspiration for the cartoons and comic strips comes from other people: family, friends neighbors, strangers, TV characters, movie villains and, more often than not, folks on Craigs List and Match dot com.

Yes, I am willing to admit that I surf certain site for purposes of gathering material.

Is that dishonest yes? Yes.
Is that unethical? Yes.
Is that totally eff’ed up and wrong? Yes.

Or, as a close friend of mine would say, quote “possibly”… heh heh heh.

But today’s comic strip comes straight from my kitchen and one of those special days where it took me WAY too long to realize that a whole onion can become a chopped onion with not much effort.

So, did I chop the onion?

Of course not.

Who chops an onion when they can go to the store and buy pre-chopped onion?

How flexible are you in the kitchen?

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