Beware the Coffee Break.

RAL 2016 (08-29) 03
Images, art and characters.

Top Ten Things I Did Instead of What I Was Supposed to Be Doing

[1] I watched Milania Guidice‘s MAKEUP!! video on YouTube and realized I forgot to start wearing concealer, which Milania calls ‘bronzer’….  I could watch this video over and over again on a loop.  It’s everything I need in a video – inspiring, funny, inspiring and informative. And fun.

[2] I looked up more Milania Guidice videos. And watched them.  Milania says “so” the way some people say “um”…it’s very funny.

[3] I researched cannabis oil.  Because.  Well.  Because I’m fascinated by cannbis oil.  Speaking of which, I love this new channel I found…Vice and the show Weediquette.  I feel SO FUCKING COOL watching this show.

[4] I tried two more times to clean up my Network Solutions account to no avail.  Please, Network Solutions. I’ve paid you a ton of money over the years.  Something tells me it’s not that hard to assign and unassign domains. Please help me clean up my account so I can keep using your services instead of yelling at you and ending our thing.  Okay…trying again…on hold.

[5] I ate a mini coffee flavored popsicle type thing instead of taking the time to find a piece of gum to cleanse my palate.  And seriously? I am officially opposed to mini food.  I want a regular serving of a popsicle.  One regular sized popsicle is satisfying.  One mini makes me feel like I could eat 3,000 more minis.  I hate the company that did this to me emotionally.  But I won’t out them because I like their REGULAR SIZED products.

[6] I cut my hair.  Because that’s what I do when I’m experiencing anything other than pure productivity. I cut my hair.  So now it’s uneven on the other side.

[7] I listened to bits and pieces of various favorite podcasts only to find none of them satisfying, which is a reflection on my weird mood and not on the podcasts.   Apologies in advance – and after the fact – to Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Mark Gerigos and the Gilmore Guys.

[8] I broke my stepper.  Well, I didn’t break it.  I just messed it up while trying to fix it.  And now I have to fix what I messed up. When I could have been stepping.

[9] I ordered paint and hangers on Amazon.   Because it’s paint and hangers.

[10] I looked up thyroid disease.  Because who doesn’t look up thyroid disease?  And because I spoke with someone who says thyroid disease is to blame for much of life.

Okay. Enough time spent not being productive.

Back to work.

Listening to Amy Phillips on RadioAndy on Sirius.

xoxo, d

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