Airplane Noise


Airplane noise is one of my favorite types of noise. It’s so relaxing.

I could listen to music or a video, but I’m really enjoying the combination of the white noise, a baby babbling a few rows back and some men behind me talking about all of the important things in the world. I can’t make out what they’re saying, but it sounds pretty impassioned. I feel like thanking them for feeling passionate about whatever it is that they feel so passionate about.

Then I think about my own father and I wonder if these guys have kids back at home or across the country who wish their dads felt less openly passionate about whatever they are feeling so openly passionate about.

But passion is good, generally speaking.

I support passion.

Generally speaking.

The couple next to me played a few games of cribbage. It looked kind of cool, but I don’t know how to play. I think I’ll look into it. Cribbage wasn’t played in my house or in any of my friends’ houses. I only remember bridge being played in addition to the regular kids’ card games.

I’ll have to figure out who amongst my people knows how cribbage is played.

I’m on an airplane headed to Memphis, a city I’ve never been to.

I’m headed to St. Jude’s to meet people who do really great St. Jude’s kind of work.

Passionate people.

I feel lucky.

Lucky that I get to meet good people who do good things.

And lucky that I get to do it on someone else’s dime.

Sure, I’ll need to sing and dance a bit.  I’ll draw for a bunch of people, probably mostly women.  I’ll draw for some men but I’ll try not to draw for too many men because I make men look too effeminate…not because they look effeminate but because that’s the way I tend to draw men.

Men, you are forewarned.

A few years ago I had a new boss who I drew for a special occasion. Prior to his arrival as my boss, I had drawn everyone in the office for their respective special occasions. And so it was natural that I should draw him for whatever his special occasion was.

I don’t think I’m spilling too many beans by saying this particular boss was a bit fancy.

Some men are macho. Some men are clunky. Some men are dull.

My boss was a bit fancy.

A bit of a Dick Van Dyke-y kinda guy.

And I tend to draw men in an effeminate way.

So he came out SUPER effeminate.

Well, let’s just say he noticed and he commented that his character looked a bit (i.e., SUPER) effeminate.

I defended myself by saying that I didn’t draw him effeminate on purpose. I pointed out that I draw ALL my men effeminate.

But I WANTED to say “But DUDE! In my defense, YOU ARE A BIT FANCY!”

I didn’t say it.

Because he was my boss.

And because I needed to keep my job. Because keeping one’s job is a good thing.


They offered me peanuts on the plane – switching topics – and I immediately wondered where all the lawyers are.

I’ve been in DC too long.

I’m hoping I’ll love Memphis.

P.S. The woman in the photo is Dr. Avis Jones Deweever, one of the most beautiful, intelligent women I’ve drooled over in recent years.

Read her book.

P.S. Arrived in Memphis where the accents are really great and the hotel has ducks. The people are really nice and…..DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..there is a Fedex Kinkos inside the hotel. I am in hotel heaven. I love getting things printed.

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