Do you need to let others need to be needed?


The character of Kim in the Reply All cartoons is based on my sister-in-law Kakki.

Kakki landed in my life when my brother married her, obviously. I always joked that she was the best thing about him. But that’s the kind of joke you make about your older brother, especially if he tortured you when you were younger, as older brothers tend to do.

Kakki is a journalist and writer. She is also a seriously happy person. She’s like sunshine.

Over the years we’ve joked about how we can be friends since I tend to walk on a darker side.  But we need each other and we help each other. And we fit together like puzzle pieces. I help her to find her way in the dark and she helps me to let the light in.

I used to shun her many offers of bringing over food, movies, and her company.  These days I not only say yes, I often ask for her to offer. I’ve learned the value of needing others, I guess. Needing others – and letting them be needed – it’s such a simple equation if you let it be. But so simple to totally mess up, complicate and weigh down with useless allegiances to independence and toughness.

I try not to mess it up now.

Kakki’s new book on parenting, which I will be mining for material as often as possible, comes out in 2018! Woo hoo! Find out about it here!

xoxo, d

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