Maybe you were hypnotized.

RAL 2017 (11-27) JAZZ HANDS

I spent the day being upset with myself for not managing my own expectations.  Actually, I only spent half the day being upset about that. I spent the other half of the day being upset about being upset.

Cause that’s how I roll.

The thing is, I could have managed my expectations.

I could have spent the weekend thinking “on Monday, someone will come out to take measurements of my place and show me carpet swatches.”

But I didn’t. I spent the weekend thinking “on Monday I get new carpet!!!

It’s just that I was so happy that the ceilings were back in place (after a small flood from the broken pipes above) that I really wanted the carpet to be in place on Monday. I wanted the carpet to be in place so I could move on with my life. I wanted to get all the furniture back in place since it’s been smushed into the corners and against the walls for three weeks.

I just wanted the mess to be over.

So I told myself a little lie over the weekend even though I knew it was wrong. And, not shockingly, I believed the little lie.

And then I paid the price today, feeling bad all day that the guy came out, measured the area, showed swatches, but did not install the new carpeting.

I tried a few of my basic tricks for getting myself to stop thinking about the carpet, but it didn’t matter. My mind wanted to think about the carpet not being installed and me being upset about it, all in that negative wrist-slapping way.

So eventually I just gave in. I decided just to feel bad.

Then I started thinking about hypnosis, which I think of often when my mind is stuck.

I wonder if I could get hypnotized to stop my brain when it gets into certain patterns.  Like wouldn’t it be cool to be able to stop my brain when it’s going in circles by saying something like STOP IT! Wouldn’t it be cool.

In light of today’s total expectations fail, I have reset my expectations. I am now thinking about the carpet being installed and the place being put back to normal by the weekend. If it happens earlier in the week, that’ll be great. If it happens later in the week, I’ll be prepared and I would like to think that I won’t be let down.

Now, I just need to get through the week… 🙂

xoxo, d

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