Does your stuff sound twisted?


This is a cartoon I could have written any day or every day. Because every day I hear myself say things – or hear my loved ones say things – that sound utterly absurd.

But life is absurd. And the brain is absurd.

Add a few of life’s complications and you get utterly absurd.

But honestly, it’s hard to walk around making sense all the time.

Sure you can fake it for eight hours a day at work and school. And sure you can make it through a few hours of family functions or weekend events without sounding too cray.

But really, the truth of the matter is, no matter how high functioning you are, and no matter how well your life is going, you gotta think some pretty absurd things to be that way.

Maybe ridiculousness is the key to everything, did you ever think that?

Maybe it’s becauseĀ we’re able to come up with absurd reasoning, justifications and explanations that we function so highly and perform so successfully.

Maybe we thrive because we give in to our ridiculousness.

It would certainly help if that were true, because life is much easier, for me, at least, when I can embrace the ridiculousness.

Life is hard enough to begin with. Trying to conquer one’s own demons and then take on those of the people around you is just too much.


But if you can carry out a lively and informed debate over the authenticity of strawberry Twizzlers, you can keep on keeping on.

As one of my favorite teens would say, “good talk.”

I don’t think that means what it sounds like it means, but it makes me laugh when she says it.

Good talk.

xoxo, d




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