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Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and guest Kyle MacLachlan.

Alec Baldwin has the best guests and the juiciest conversations about the craft behind the art.  He just called a film ‘voluptuous‘ – juicy listen!

Kyle MacLachlan on 28 Years of Twin Peaks’ *Blowing Your Mind*

“The feeling of power” that comes from playing a dark, diabolical role? Kyle MacLachlan tells Alec, “I get it.” “It’s not something you want to abuse, or let exist other than when that camera is rolling.” The wholesome, square-jawed actor’s dark side can be jarring. As Alec puts it to him, “You’re the guy that could be Andie MacDowell’s boyfriend bringing a basket of puppies, and then you’re like this nightmare.” David Lynch recognized the two sides of Kyle MacLachlan from the day they met in 1983, but that wasn’t how MacLachlan saw himself: he tried to break out as a Hollywood romantic lead, but always found himself drawn back into the Lynchian orbit. Join MacLachlan and Alec as they stroll through Kyle’s life story, from his conservative stockbroker father, through his glamorous girlfriends, to the joys of fatherhood and winemaking — all to figure out why he’s the perfect vessel for Lynch’s uncanny characters.

Pop Culture Happy Hour on the 2018 Grammys.

Bruno Mars over everything else? Really?

No offense intended. But really?


  1. Love the pod, have listened to it going on 4 or 5 years now. SICK BOY is another one that I highly recommend. They invite physically or mentally ill individuals on to discuss their illnesses. I learn something new every ep.


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