Listening 2….



What a really lovely story from the NYT’s Change Agent series. I highly recommend!

It’s short and sweet.

First you list what you love. Then what you hate. Then what you want.

And for many of us, that thing we want is something we’ve always wanted or something we miss. Or something we want again.

A really lovely story.

And lots of jeans!

“Boy Problem” 
(It’s the 5th podcast down.  Link below.)

Allene is 80. She’s been widowed for 7 years. And then she meets Larry, who makes her feel “on fire from the neck down.” Things seem to be going great before he ghosts her, throwing Allene into an existential crisis. And the answers to that might lie in the story of a Home Shopping Network maverick, who figured out how to sell over 100,000 jeans a day.

From the New York Times series Change Agent.

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