Reach out

Fa la la la la ly2…


I’m a big fan of leaving the house.

I don’t do it often, but I enthusiastically support the practice.

One of the great things about leaving the house is witnessing other humans’ experiences of life.  Other people are a good reminder about how little influence your own perceptions could have if you’d just give them less rope to run around with.

This morning I left the house.  I went to an office I go to now and again. (more…)

Don’t wish they had called you.


The suicidal brain is not focused on reaching out for help.

If you know someone who has suicidal thoughts, check in with them often. Make them talk to you. Be more persistent than their brain.

Don’t guess about whether they are having suicidal thoughts.

Don’t play the odds that their suicidal thoughts will go away.

Don’t think that saying something will push them to suicide.

And don’t think that suicidal urges get easier to manage. They don’t. They get harder to manage.

RIP Dave Mirra.

And God bless your children, who will never understand how strong the suicidal urge is…unless they too have those urges.

I hope they don’t.

xoxo, d
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