Aggressive Television

(Written on Thursday. Forgotten on Thursday. Published on Friday)

Today’s comic strip was inspired by a recent horrible day in my life and my horrific behavior toward a friend. Yes, I got mad at a friend for texting me (or maybe it was chat) to “Have a Nice Day!” or something equally offensive.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I yelled at you and froze you out and generally disdained you for hours after you accosted me with your positivity.

I’m sorry.

But kinda not sorry.  Because stop it!  Stop accosting me with your positivity!

The strip is also inspired by a lifetime of feeling conflicted over generalized and generic niceties.

LI RAC 2016 0707-2 (L)

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Listening to Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History podcast from July 6 2016. More info at This podcast is about the tens of thousands of talented, low income students to graduate from high school every year in her wonderful country and for whatever reason never make it to universities that they are perfect for.

Malcolm Gladwell knows what the whatever is.

P.S. I really and truly and seriously love Malcolm Gladwell.

The G-Man.

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LI RAL 2016 0707-2

That moment you realize you kinda miss the commercials….
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Happy (or not) Thursday of a short week.

xoxoxo, d