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How long can you delay your delay?

LI RAC 2016 0420

How long can you delay your delay? ♥
Images, art and characters.

Listening to today:

David Gregory, who I love, interviewing Andy Cohen, who I love….loving this podcast The David Gregory Show….including an homage to Howard Stern, whose interviews I love.

[DG] What do you know about tv?

[AC] Truth is stranger than fiction.

[AC] Anyone who says it’s a scripted show has never met one of the housewives in person.

[AC] Sometimes they’re toned down because you’re getting an edited version.

[AC] Authenticity is to me the most important thing about my show. I’m not trying to BS the audience into thinking that something is not happening that they’re seeing for themselves.

Watch What Crappens (285 Fecal Hatter) – skipping Dallas convo because I’m not into Dallas yet. 

Listening to today:

Better Call Saul Podcast!!

Kelley Dixon and Chris McCaleb – Editors and Hosts;
Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould – Creators;
Heather Marion – Co Writer of the episode;
Skip MacDonald & Curtis Thurber – Editors of the episode.

Got this today:

So proud of my writer buddy Martin Wilsey!